Best Healthy Weight Loss Tips

You achieve weight loss by cutting back on your food consumption, increasing your physical activity, or ideally, by doing both. We’ve discussed weight loss goals and weight loss diet tips, but there are important factors that must be considered aside from the calorie count and exercise. Here are the top best weight loss tips that work:

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is just as significant as eating healthy and exercising. Poor sleep is one of theweight-loss-sleep strongest risk factors for weight gain so making sure your body is getting enough sleep is extremely important. Sleep effects how your hormones burn fat, store fat and how you’re maintaining muscle, so by disrupting the body’s internal clock, sleep deprivation may affect appetite hormones as well as insulin, leading to increased hunger and food intake, decreased calorie burning, and increased fat storage.

As we have now established how important sleep is for your weight loss, make sure to turn off the TV and any lights before bed. Exposure to light at night doesn’t just interrupt your chances of a good night’s sleep, it may also result in weight gain.

Crack the Window

weight-loss-open windowThis one may be a bit surprising to some, but simply turning on the air conditioner or cracking a window open at night may help attack belly fat more while we sleep. It has been shown that colder temperatures subtly enhance the effectiveness of our brown fat stores which are the fats that keep us warm by burning through the fat stored in our belly.

Open the Blinds

weight-loss-sunlightStudies have shown that people who get direct exposure to sunlight in the morning between 8am and noon reduce their risk of weight gain. The sun helps synchronize your circadian rhythm and metabolism so you burn fat more efficiently. When the weather is not as nice outside, being close to a window indoors also works, and if you are stuck in an office with no windows, then use a desk lamp. Overhead lights don’t get into your eyes, which is how the light enters your circadian system.

Speak in Positives

weight-loss-think positiveWhen you set limits on yourself and tell yourself what you ‘can’t’ eat or ‘have to’ do, this deprivation language makes you rebel. Decide for yourself and say, “I’m not going to have that” so the ‘won’t’ becomes your choice and you are in control. Weight loss is a process so it’s normal to give in to temptation once in a while. Using the “all or nothing” approach may end up throwing you off track completely causing you to feel discouraged which in turn may slow your metabolism and trigger cravings for junk food.

Tap Into Your Emotions

The primary barrier to weight loss for the majority of people starting their weight loss weight-loss-journaljourney is their inability to stay consistent with a diet or exercise plan. Try keeping a journal that tracks your food choices and current mood. This can help you identify unhealthy patterns and recognize specific emotional connections you may have with food. Once you’re more aware of these connections, it will be easier to adopt healthier eating patterns. With technology these days, instead of carrying around a notebook, you can always take advantage of your smart phone whether you snap photos or keep a written log on your phone.

Supplement Your Diet

Try adding the combination of Vitamin D and calcium supplements to your diet to increase your weight loss results. Vitamin D is essential for preserving metabolism-revving muscle tissue. Calcium promotes weight loss by binding to fat in your GI tract, preventing some of it from getting absorbed into your bloodstream.


Manage Stress

Chronic stress raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can trigger belly fat weight-loss-stressstorage causing the body to metabolize food more slowly. To make matters worse, the food we crave when we’re stressed tends to be fatty and full of sugar. Try methods to reduce stress and help melt the pounds away effortlessly. Research shows that smiling and laughing causes levels of stress hormones to diminish.

Don’t Focus on the Scale

weight-loss-scaleIt’s best to focus on healthy behaviors and how you are feeling rather than solely the number on your scale. For starters, the scale doesn’t just reveal fat loss as it could be a loss from water weight. Or if the scale shows you gained weight, it could be from muscle since muscle is more dense than fat but because the number on the scale didn’t do what you expected, your mood can be negatively affected.

There are several other indicators you can use to track your weight loss progress without the scale. How you look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, how you feel (strong and healthy? more energy?), your actions (are you eating well? are you exercising consistently?), and your self-confidence and body image.

Celebrate Success

It’s important to celebrate the milestones throughout your weight loss journey. Just weight-loss-rewardmaking one behavioral change takes lots of work and planning so creating a reward system can help validate your accomplishments and keep you going on the road of success. Rewards shouldn’t mean high-calorie or fatty foods which can quickly undo all of your hard work but rather materials item or personal non-food treats to celebrate your success.


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