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Welcome to my site! I will be providing tips and suggestions on how to lose weight the healthy way and keep the weight off. I am not selling or advertising a specific weight loss program, but rather sharing what I have learned over the years, what has worked for me and others I know, and offering guidance to keep you on the right track during your weight loss journey.

A Little Back Story

Growing up, I wasn’t an overweight child but I was never really happy with my body image compared to other girls my age. I always had a little extra weight around my waist, aka “love handles”. My mom was always keeping up with the new fitness and health trends and loved going to the gym so she would make sure I ate relatively healthy (while at home at least) and shared weight loss tips through the years.

It wasn’t until college that I gained a considerable amount of weight for my petite frame. It took a year or two for me to snap out of my funk and realize I wasn’t happy and needed to do something about losing the weight so I felt happier and healthier. Luckily by junior year I was living in an apartment off campus so it was easier to control my eating. I wasn’t meeting groups of friends in the dining hall or pigging out on pizza at 1am just because I could. I was now older and able to avoid most temptations. It wasn’t easy to go grocery shopping and cook a lot with my schedule however, so I decided to join Jenny Craig. I was embarrassed at first to share this with my friends but I started losing weight and as I started to feel better, I wasn’t ashamed to share my secret. For the lifestyle I was living, this was the most convenient and affordable way at the time and it worked!

The following years I wasn’t following a strict program but rather made more of an effort overall to eat healthier and work out more often to maintain my weight loss. My weight fluctuated over the years and I never reached my goal of feeling truly comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until 2 years ago, that I said “enough is enough.” I can’t keep complaining about my body if I’m not doing anything about it! So I joined and followed the 21-Day Fix program from Beach Body and saw great results. As life goes however, I went through some rough patches and stopped focusing on my healthy habits after a few months and while I was still in better shape than previous years, I was still complaining and unhappy with my shape. So again last year I started working out a lot more and challenging myself with different types of work outs and following a semi-strict eating plan. I am still working toward my goal and while I’m not quite there, I’m certainly a lot closer and more determined than ever.

Why I Want to Help Others

I want to help anyone who is struggling with weight loss because while I may not have had as much to lose as some, I still went through the phases and understand the frustrations and challenges both mentally and physically. As a real, regular person and not someone trying to promote a certain method or product, I genuinely want to offer some guidance and support to those who may need that extra little push. I think it’s helpful to share what has and hasn’t worked and what I’ve learned as I still continue my own weight loss journey.

My Goal

My goal with this website is to help even just one person, whether it be someone trying to lose weight, someone who wants to learn healthier eating habits, someone looking to feel more energetic, or anyone else for that matter!

So if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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